Our Christ-centered computer engineers
pioneered the Lifeverse so citizens of Heaven
will always be able to connect on earth

Welcome to the Lifeverse

The Lifeverse is an immersive online community for good where amazing things are becoming possible. If you are a follower of Jesus Christ a Kingdom Nation awaits you in the Lifeverse like a city on a hill for such a time as this.

The Lifeverse is powered by fellowship

3D spaces inside the Lifeverse will let you fellowship, study the Bible, worship, collaborate and experience joy in ways none of us have imagined yet. Listen to how God has provided a vision for the body of Christ to glorify Jesus in the Lifeverse by joining together.

There are no "lock-downs"
in the Lifeverse

These 3D spaces will let believers fellowship, learn, collaborate,
worship, and share The Word of God in ways that go beyond
anything we’ve seen. Watch the video below and imagine
the body of Christ coming together in the Lifeverse.

Virtual reality

Virtual reality gives you a new way to connect with all the believers locally and around the world. Praise and worship God in shared experiences. With Kingdom Nation, even if you’re house bound or far apart, you can discover new experiences with your Kingdom friends and family.

VR headsets & glasses

Choose your gear and then join friends for worship concerts, Christian movies, ministry events, fellowship and so many more immersive experiences.

Gather in spaces

Fellowship, collaborate, study The Word, or work on new Kingdom ventures, together, even if you’re all around the globe. Now imagine being able to speak and text in more than 70 languages with real-time translation!

Design your building

Citizens of Kingdom Nation will use our 3D builder to drag and drop their church, business, ministry or other space on their LOT. Additional options include KN’s finished building templates and custom VR development.

Tour the world

Join the people you love and visit The Holy Land, Mt Everest, Fiji, or anywhere else you’ve always dreamed of going with men and women of God. Experience the 3D visual realities of The Red Sea, Temple Mount, Egypt and more from your home.


Enjoy your church

Kingdom Nation is a world where there is room for every ministry, every church, every evangelist, every Holy Land tour, every worship concert, and all your beloved brothers and sisters in Christ to come together.

Augmented reality


Augmented reality

Through photo and video, AR lets you enhance shared experiences with virtual effects.

In this photo we loaded the Ark of The Covenant (VR) into our (real) living room. The Ark was constructed by Moses under God’s direction. Share life and life abundantly with your children and the people you love. All this at the touch of a button in Kingdom Nation.

There are no "lock-downs"
in the Lifeverse


The world is changed when we unite in Christ

From Kindgom business incubators to global ministries, serving the least of these has never been more possible .

There are no "lock-downs"
in the Lifeverse

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