KN Dispute Process

  • Private Dispute Resolution – Citizens agree to work in good faith to resolve their disputes in an orderly and amicable way, recognizing that lingering disputes are not in the nature of Kingdom-minded citizens. The parties should proactively work to resolve their differences.
  • Covenant Not to Sue – With the exception of loss of life, citizens agree to resolve their non-criminal disputes within the framework of mediation rather than utilizing external legal proceedings. This largely eliminates the risk of loss due to legal expenses.
  • Binding Arbitration – In the event that a dispute cannot be resolved by the parties, the Board of Elders will appoint Kingdom arbitrator who will implement binding arbitration as quickly as possible. There is no cost whatsoever assessed for arbitration.
  • Umbrella Insurance – KN maintains umbrella insurance policies to mitigate liability mainly for the event of a dispute with a non-citizen, e.g. a trespass case on Kingdom property.