Kingdom Nation

The Kingdom Nation Standards are a Bible-based outline of what is and isn't allowed in His nation.


Every day, believers use Kingdom Nation to share their faith, fellowship with friends and family, and build Kingdom-centered communities. It’s a nation for more than 2.5 billion Christians to freely express themselves across countries and cultures and in dozens of languages.

Kingdom Nation recognizes how important it is to be a place where believers feel safe to share their love for Jesus Christ and we take our role seriously in keeping abuse out of the nation. We rely on God’s word to set the standards for what is and isn’t allowed in Kingdom Nation.

We take great care to leave room for different denominational views and beliefs so that all who call Jesus, Yehoshua, or Immanuel “God with us” feel welcomed by His world changing grace and mercy.

Please note that the US English version of the Community Standards reflects the most up to date set of the policies and should be used as the master document.

Kingdom citizens

In a nation that is operating according to Kingdom principles, disputes are rare. Citizens are largely known to be self-governing, Spirit-led, and Kingdom-minded.

Consecrated men and women of God agree that it is better to give than receive.

None of us are perfect. We make mistakes. If we are not hypocrits, we give the grace and mercy we did not deserve to receive. Jesus instructs us to forgive each other 7 X 70.

We do not judge but rather we are fruit inspectors who inspect what Holy Spirit “fruit” is emerging.

If we claim to be obedient to Jesus we wash each other’s feet, we forgive, we unify, we love God, love our neighbors, love each other, and even love enemies.

As a comprehensive framework for risk mitigation, citizens explicitly agree to an alternate framework for dispute resolution thereby avoiding waste on internal legal expense while also creating an environment which is favorable for open-handed sharing of abundance.

Some notable specifics include:

  • Private Dispute Resolution – Citizens agree to work in good faith to resolve their disputes in an orderly and amicable way, recognizing that lingering disputes are not in the nature of Kingdom-minded citizens. The parties should proactively work to resolve their differences.
  • Covenant Not to Sue – With the exception of loss of life, citizens agree to resolve their non-criminal disputes within the framework of mediation rather than utilizing external legal proceedings. This largely eliminates the risk of loss due to legal expenses.
  • Binding Arbitration – In the event that a dispute cannot be resolved by the parties, the Board of Elders will appoint Kingdom arbitrator who will implement binding arbitration as quickly as possible. There is no cost whatsoever assessed for arbitration.