Unifying citizens of Heaven in a sovereign nation on earth in Jesus' name

We’re building a sovereign nation where God is glorified. Where consecrated believers work together to advance The Kingdom while living victoriously and in abundance, online and offline.



Building Mansions to Honor God

Check out KN's newest VR mansion design in Gloryland!


KN Citizens Vote to Glorify God in 1Nation1Day

Want to see why we're building them a VR mansion?


Pakistan Orphanage Gets Funding

Orphans.com takes the first step toward helping 153M global orphans


Family Forced Apart by Lockdown Finds Comfort in Virtual Movies

Using the Graham virtual movie theater, one family stays connected

The next generation of social connection is here. Our company’s vision is to provide believers an immersive world known as a Lifeverse where God will be glorified to protect our shared future.